Top Free Summer Concerts in the Triangle

summer concerts triangle

Growing up in a small, rural town we had to be creative in how we had fun. I like to give people a perspective: the closest Starbucks was 2 ½ hours away (I know! How did I survive?), and furthermore as an only child, I had to be extra creative. So moving to Chapel Hill […]

Why You Should Visit Pullen Park | Raleigh, NC

child at pullen park

Whether you’re local to The Triangle or visiting for a summer vacay with kids, Pullen Park in Raleigh is a MUST. Since moving to Chapel Hill, I have been asked at least two dozen times, ‘Have you been to Pullen Park?‘ I was told by many of the train, boat rides, and carousel. They also […]

How to Spend a Day in Raleigh with Kids

S: How many times have you tried to do nice things for your kids and then it totally backfires in your face!?   This is exactly what happened last Friday when we ventured out to explore the Duke Lemur Center. Ryan and I had a rare 3-day weekend off together so we were bound and […]