Squigley's Ice Cream & Treats Shoppe

It’s national ice cream week and with that, I want to give a shout out to the place that serves the best ice cream I’ve ever had! It’s Squigley’s Ice Cream and Treats Shoppes – ‘Carolina Beach’s oldest continuously operating ice cream parlor and home of the Squigley.’

Squigley's Ice Cream & Treats Shoppe

My family visited Carolina Beach, North Carolina for my twin daughters’ fifth birthday in May (read about it here!). After a FULL day of fun, we were ready to treat ourselves to some ice cream! While we waited in line and pondered our choices, we heard the co-owner Ann shout out:

‘Let me tell you what has made us famous – it’s called a Squigley! We start with REAL vanilla ice cream and then YOU choose from a list of ingredients on the board. They are ALL the real thing – that is, a real slice of Key Lime Pie etc. We recommend using two and not more than three of those items. When it comes out of our machine, it is your own custom made ice cream! We serve it in a cup or one of our own delicious homemade waffle cones and topped with a I got Squiggled sticker!’

waffle cone from squigley's Ice Cream

I had already made up my mind what I was going to get. So had the girls. But as I waited in line my curiosity of the Squigley only intensified. Finally, after I ordered (from Ann herself) I let that curiosity get the better of me and added a coconut-pineapple Squigley to the order. Thank God I did!

As I left the parlor, I trotted back over to Ann to share with her that at 36 years old, that was the best ice cream I had ever had. No joke! And although she was extremely busy, she smiled and gave me a high-five! Not only did I leave feeling full and satisfied, I felt good from my exchange with Ann. I later found out from her husband (and co-owner) Joe that’s what they love most about running the parlor: ‘We love the people contact, and it’s so fun for us to watch the kids. It keeps us young!’

Ryan got squiggled!
Ryan got squiggled!

I loved hearing that and can absolutely relate. As I get a little bit older and continue to watch my children grow, I’m also trying to find ways to stay young. And after diving into two ice creams (including the famous Squigley) I felt a little bit younger myself! So if you’re in Carolina Beach, do yourself a favor and hop on over to Squigleys Ice Cream & Treats Shoppe. You’re in for a real treat!

Thank you, Joe and Ann. And thank you Squigleys! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

squiggly's famous sundae

With over 4,000 options, here are the Top 11 Squigley’s flavor combos (as recommended by the owners!)


Oreo / NY Cheesecake Strawberry / NY Cheesecake Raspberry / Chocolate Chip Pineapple / Coconut Peanut Butter / Fudge Brownie / Pretzel

Carrot Cake / NY Cheesecake / Cinnamon Bun

Graham Cracker / Chocolate Chips / Marshmallow

Pumpkin Pie / NY Cheesecake / Cinnamon Bun

Peanut Butter Cups / Banana

Banana / Nilla Wafers

Strawberry / Banana / Kit Kat


Squigleys hours: Sun 1-10PM; Mon-Sat 12-10PM

ice cream from squigleys
Cheersing to a great day at Squigelys!

Where’s the best ice cream you’ve ever had? We’d love to know so we can try it too!




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