Ripley's Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Itinerary | Part 2

Tuesday morning

After our fun-filled evening, Rory was WIDE awake and ready to party at 530 AM – who could blame him! But luckily (and to his dismay) he was back down for a nap 3-hours later. In a previous post, Top Travel Tips with a 1-year old, I explain how and why naps save lives because an overtired, overstimulated 16-mo boy is not something you desire (especially on vacation!).

Ripley’s Aquarium

With Rory MIA for the rest of the morning, it was time for the ladies to get to work! Our little Aviana lives in a magical world of rainbow-sprinkled unicorns, so naturally our next stop on the itinerary was Ripley’s Aquarium, well-known for their live Mermaid Show. Adalyn opted to hang back with Grammie and Grampie, so Avi and I set off to the aquarium. (Our first solo Mommy and daughter date, too!) As we approached the entrance I could see the ticket line growing longer and longer, so I whipped out my phone, purchased our tix online (buy your tickets ahead here), and we walked straight in!

From stingrays, to sharks, jellyfish and turtles – we saw it all! Although numerous touch tanks were available, Avi wasn’t too keen on getting THAT close! We did however, jump on the opportunity to sift through sand and discover unique gemstones (at a cost, of course). As for the the Mermaid Show that I had been hyping up for a solid 36-hours…well, that didn’t happen. Sadly, moments before embarking to the aquarium, I discovered that the Mermaid Show is only offered on Saturday and Sundays. Despite the crowds (and lack of mermaids), we were still able to explore the massive space, get up close and personal with thousands of underwater species, and create special mommy and daughter memories that will last a lifetime.

You could easily drop a good chunk of change while visiting Ripley’s Aquarium as there are several other attractions available for purchase, including a glass bottom boat ride, stingray experience, and even a ‘Sleep with the Sharks’ package!


Hours: 9 AM – 9 PM Open 365 days year

Price: Adults $29.99 | Kids 6-11 $19.99 | Kids 2-5 $9.99 | Under 2 FREE

Tuesday evening

In the hours to follow, we enjoyed more time at the lazy river (they were providing free popsicles for the kids too – how cool!) and jumping waves at the beach! I also conned the girls into some extra mommy + daughter time by paying a visit to the on-site ice cream (and Starbucks!) shop. We strolled back down the beach and even stopped to climb the massive rocks!

myrtle beach with kids

Carolina Roadhouse

Time really does fly when you’re having fun, and before we knew it, the sun was dipping lower in the sky. The night prior we had stopped into Carolina Roadhouse for dinner. However, we turned around immediately as the wait was 90-minutes! With kids? Heck, no! Even if it were just me and Ryan I’d never wait that long. (Well, on second thought, I’d wait that long for dessert at French Broad Chocolates any day!)

So, when thoughts of dinner rolled around I knew to call ahead – we would experience this local staple. Thankfully it’s a large restaurant with ample space for Rory to walk around; little guy’s got to explore! We were all very pleased with the service, our meals, and the girls each got a free ice cream.

Carolina Roadhouse

Wednesday morning

Sleeping in on vacation for Rory is 6 AM, and thankfully he blessed us with the extra shut eye that morning. We slowly gathered our belongings, packed our bags, and prayed we didn’t leave too much behind. As we were walking to the beach one last time, I was sad that we weren’t enjoying another day of fun. But at the same time, I was overjoyed knowing the unforgettable family memories made at Myrtle Beach Spring Break 2019.

covid safety tips

What’s your favorite family beach vacation? Have you spent time at Myrtle Beach? I’d love to hear. Please share in the comments below!




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