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Mother’s Day Out | Top Ideas in the Triangle

It’s almost Mother’s Day, mommas, a day to celebrate YOU!! Being a mom is no joke, y’all; it is 120% the hardest, yet most rewarding title in the world. And for all of the sleepless nights, toddler tantrums and bodily fluids in the bathtub, you deserve a day of pampering. Body and mind! Personally, I prefer to pick out all of my gifts no matter the holiday – I mean, why not? I’m just trying to save my family time and money. After all, ‘happy wife, happy life.’ Am I right?


If you’re in the same boat and looking for the best of the best places in the Triangle to treat yourself this Momma’s Day – I got you! Find my top picks (traditional and nontraditional) for a truly unforgettable Mother’s Day below!

The Umstead Spa | Cary

‘The experience here is an escape from the world, and you will leave with your soul restored.’ Ok, ladies, so we’re going to start this off with a bang! Ryan and I spent a luxurious afternoon at The Umstead Spa last fall and let me tell you, it is divine. If you’re seeking the ultimate day of pampering, this is it. They offer replenishing and soothing face and body treatments, relaxing massage therapies and mani/pedis. My absolute favorite part (aside from the quiet time) was the outdoor heated pool that sits perfectly in a private spot in the afternoon sun.


Appointments generally book a few weeks in advance, but they do open up spots each Friday at 11 AM that were not taken by hotel guests for the weekend.

bR3 studio | Durham

Before kids, I would daydream about vacations in thrilling, yet exotic destinations. Now, I fantasize about eating a snack alone or a few moments without anyone asking me questions. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids dearly, but even 5-minutes of silence a day really helps me reset and recharge. So the idea of being 100% relaxed, floating effortlessly in a lightless, sound-proof tub of salt water, heated to body temperature…for 60-minutes, it’s sounds like heaven on earth.


Sensory deprivation or floating helps release and boost endorphins, reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and improve sleep quality. (And for bonus points, research has shown it to be effective in enhancing creativity, too!) I’ve been dreaming of floating for months now and later this week Ryan and I will finally have the opportunity to enjoy our first float! I’ll definitely keep you posted on our experience, but I have a feeling I’m going to love it!


60-minute $65 | 90-minutes $85 (Mother’s Day special $10 off gift cards)

Heartwood Holistic Health | Chapel Hill

I am a HUGE advocate of Chinese Medicine and firmly believe that through  acupuncture we were able to get pregnant. Currently it’s my newest obsession in helping to alleviate my GI issues. And guess what, it’s working! At Heartwood Holistic they are warm, kind and care deeply for their patients. My practitioner has been using ‘moxibustion’ which utilizes heat to regulate the balance of flow and energy in the body. With each visit I leave feeling calm, centered and revitalized – ready to tackle the day! #canigetanamen They offer a wide array of services including chiropractic care, cupping, rolfing, ionic detoxification and more! So fun, right?! I highly recommend you check it out!


Call or check them out online to see what they offer!


MyYoga | Durham

Aside from being a coffee snob, I’m also a harsh critic of yoga studios. And when I find a good one, I stick to it. I LOVE MyYoga. It’s quaint, clean and the instructors instantly make you feel at peace. They also have a ‘meditative salt room’ on-site in addition to their various yoga classes and ongoing workshops. My go-to class is the Mon/Fri ‘Early Rise Hot Yoga.’ Achieving serenity by 7 AM is golden!


Two Week Trial – $25

my yoga

The Nail Stop | Durham

Now if you’re looking for something a little more traditional and possibly even bring along the sweet little girls that made you a momma, this is definitely the place. The girls and I spent an afternoon at The Nail Stop last summer for a mommy + daughter day and it was so cute! They have the most adorable kid’s section with mini pedicure chairs, toys and activities to keep them entertained while you relax. And wait for it….a full bar! I’m bringing the girls back for their birthday in a few weeks and we can’t wait!


Manicures – starting at $17 | Kids $10

Pedicures – starting at $33 | Kids $20

nail salon with kids

Avi + Adalyn enjoying pedis at The Nail Stop


Alter Ego | Raleigh

Anytime you relocate the two things that people always say are the hardest to establish are new dentists and a new hair salon. (And considering I just have my first dental appointment in NC later today, I’d say that’s pretty accurate!) It took about 6-months before I heard about Alter Ego in downtown Raleigh, and let me tell you, it is was worth the wait. Hands down it’s the nicest hair salon I’ve visited, so it’s no surprise that all of their stylists are extremely talented. You truly can’t go wrong and the scalp massage alone is worth your time! And what goes better with a fresh blow-out than an evening out on the town?! (**hint, hint to the husbands reading this**)

So that’s it! My favorite places to escape the chaos of parenthood for a hot minute and take care of me!


How are you spending this Mother’s Day?? What are your favorite Mother’s Day gifts?? I’d love to hear!!


XO, Steph

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