LAND Mommy + Me Bag

Needless to say it was more like a luggage bag than a ‘diaper bag.’ It was huge, cumbersome, weighed a ton, and only allowed for one free hand. It was essentially a black hole from where no crumb has returned. It did the job, but not well.

But with time and experience comes knowledge (or at least I’m optimistic) and when we were on the brink of welcoming baby #3, we HAD to make a better decision. I had been seeing all these super cute backpacks popping up at the local story times; the moms looked so relaxed and had use of BOTH arms. Since I didn’t have a surplus of free time to dedicate to in-depth research, I hit up trusty ol’ Amazon. I typed ‘backpack diaper bag’ in the search bar, quickly scrolled the page, and selected ‘Amazon’s Choice’. It was $27.98 (a mere fraction of the ridiculously overpriced purchase 3-years earlier), gender neutral, and could be at my doorstep in 48-hours. LAND Mommy + Baby Bag (buy yours here!). It was perfect.


Why I love it?


1. Backpack design. Again it cannot be stressed enough how much you’ll appreciate having the use of both arms and not having to balance a 25-lb bag on one shoulder and a wild toddler on the other.

2. Easy to clean. Let’s be real. Snacks, pouches, drinks, bodily fluids. They’re everywhere. Its lining is water-resistant, so milk spills don’t turn into probiotic samples at the bottom.

3. All the pockets. Inside there is a large main compartment and then smaller side storage pockets for bottles, diapers, wipes, snacks, pacis, tissues, etc. You can effectively organize ALL of your and your baby’s supplies with ease, and separate wet from dry items as the pockets are also water resistant. A sturdy bottom keeps the bag upright when you put it down too!

4. Price. I mean, it’s basically free.

5. One of my FAV features is that it has a rear zipper closure. This allows you to easily view and access #allthethings without having to wildly dig through the entire bag, throwing extraneous items out onto the sidewalk in a fit of mania (#guilty).

6. And for bonus points: the front zipper has 3- insulated pockets that can keep bottles warm for up to 2-hours!

Who is this bag for?

Anyone and everyone. Parents of singletons, twins, moms, dads, you name it.

The bag hits all the check-boxes. It’s also super lightweight and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

LAND backpack




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