Is Eating After 7 PM Bad for You?

healthy eating

If you’re looking to increase your energy, stabilize blood sugars, and have a healthier sleep routine without starving yourself at bedtime, I have good news for you. Eating after 7PM is OK!

9 Unique and Easy Staycation Ideas

children reading

Day 371,456,875 of quarantine. It’s rough. I get it. But if you’re anything like us you see this time as a blessing. It’s given us the freedom to slow down and find new and creative ways to spend time together.   And although this is a uniquely challenging situation with kids out of school and […]

Travel after the Coronavirus: An Easy Guide to Sustainable Travel

Family Walking on Ski Vacation

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, something beautiful has happened. The Earth has had space to heal.  We’ve been forced to practice social distancing and self-quarantine. Quick trips to the grocery store, let alone travel to another country are frowned upon, or even prohibited. But with that we’ve also been forced to be still […]

25 Reasons to Visit Sugarloaf Mountain with Kids What’s it like to visit the second largest ski resort east of the Rocky Mountains with young kids? It‘s like Disney World in the mountains.While Sugarloaf is best known for its skiing there‘s plenty of things to do at Sugarloaf with kids. From ice skating and zip-lining, to outdoor hot tubs, gourmet dining, shopping, […]

25 Reasons Why Sugarloaf Mountain Should Be Your Next Family Vacation Spot

Family Vacation on Sugarloaf Mountain

What’s it like to visit the second largest ski resort east of the Rocky Mountains with young kids? It‘s like Disney World in the mountains. Sugarloaf has been one of Ryan and I’s most loved travel destinations for many years, so when we got the opportunity to visit with our kids for the first time, […]

3 Days at Reunion Resort: The Perfect Family Vacation Itinerary

reunion resort

Why Reunion Resort is a family-friendly option Have you ever vacationed to central Florida with your kids and NOT visited Disney? Better yet, have you ever been on a family vacation and never stepped foot off the resort? At Reunion Resort in Kissimmee, Florida not only are both are these possible, but recommended! Given the […]

How to Launch (or Grow) a Successful Travel Blog in 2020

Launch a Travel Blog

Do you dream of being your own boss and getting paid to make memories with your family? If so, you’re in the right place. You see, anything I’ve ever been passionate about, I run hard. So when I decided to take my love for family and adventure into a part-time career, I learned as much […]

Visiting Disney During the Holidays: 12 Tips to Beat the Crowds

Disney World Holiday

The holidays are upon us and what better place to celebrate the season than at the ‘happiest place on Earth’, right? Well, except for the fact that you and millions of other families on school break also share the same dream. It’s no surprise that the busiest times at Disney will be anytime school is […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers: 25 Items They’ll Actually Use!

travel family at Christmas

Looking for that perfect gift for the traveler in your life this holiday season? Skip the gift cards and wool socks and give your favorite jet setter something that they’ll actually use, and doesn’t break the bank! ‘But Stephanie. Many travelers value experiences over things. How do I find something thoughtful and practical for someone […]

7 Reasons to Visit Drive Shack with Kids

toddler at drive shack

Trying to decide where to go for your next family outing? Let me help you: Drive Shack! Morning, noon, or night, at Drive Shack they’re combining the best of both worlds: entertainment and family fun. So what exactly is Drive Shack? Drive Shack is a new, outdoor golf entertainment complex with music, games, good food, […]