Visiting the Beach with Kids: 17 Safety Tips

beach with kids

Visiting the beach with kids this summer? From the best beaches to social distance to beach safety 101, I’m covering it all. Follow these 17 safety tips to ensure a fun and stress-free beach vacation.

Hiking with Kids and Safety: 15 Essential Tips

children's hikes

Everybody at some point in their lives must have experienced hiking in nature. Especially hikes with kids or a trek through a stunning mountain range or a dense forest makes a memorable experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Eating After 7 PM: What’s Next + Recap

healthy eating results

For the past 4-weeks, I’ve been following the ‘Always Eat After 7 PM’ program. Instead of depriving myself of the foods I enjoy, I’ve actually been indulging in high carb snacks on a nightly basis.

Late Night Snacking: The Results

healthy late night snacks

The benefits of eating specific high carb foods before bed cannot be understated. By following this diet, you can expect better sleep, increased energy, and even fat loss!

Is Eating After 7 PM Bad for You?

eating after 7 PM

If you’re looking to increase your energy, stabilize blood sugars, and have a healthier sleep routine without starving yourself at bedtime, I have good news for you. Eating after 7PM is OK!

9 Unique and Easy Staycation Ideas

children reading

Day 371,456,875 of quarantine. It’s rough. I get it. But if you’re anything like us you see this time as a blessing. It’s given us the freedom to slow down and find new and creative ways to spend time together.   And although this is a uniquely challenging situation with kids out of school and […]

Travel after the Coronavirus: An Easy Guide to Sustainable Travel

Family Walking on Ski Vacation

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, something beautiful has happened. The Earth has had space to heal.  We’ve been forced to practice social distancing and self-quarantine. Quick trips to the grocery store, let alone travel to another country are frowned upon, or even prohibited. But with that we’ve also been forced to be still […]