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9 Unique and Easy Staycation Ideas

Day 371,456,875 of quarantine. It’s rough. I get it. But if you’re anything like us you see this time as a blessing. It’s given us the freedom to slow down and find new and creative ways to spend time together.


And although this is a uniquely challenging situation with kids out of school and most people home from work, it doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun!


Have you already made all the spring crafts, played every 90’s board game, and had all the movie marathons? Us too. From under the sea beach parties to a day at the zoo safaris, read on for ‘Nine Unique and Easy Staycation Ideas.’

1. Visit Disney Virtually

Pick your favorite Disney movie and make it a theme for the day! For Frozen 2 lovers, have a snowball fight using a mixture of baking soda and shaving cream. For The Lion King fans, use washable paint or markers to transform your kids into little lion cubs. Tame the beasts with an authentic Adventureland ‘Frozen Pineapple Treat’ found on the Disney app or play ‘Who am I’ using printable animal face masks.


You can also enjoy your favorite rides virtually through YouTube or test your Disney knowledge through the play Disney Parks app. We are big Disney fans so getting to pretend we were racing down Splash Mountain again was fun! Whatever your favorite movie or character, dress up the best you can and watch the movie. (Thank you Disney+!)

family at disneyword

2. Go Camping!

Spending time in nature is so refreshing, and camping, even in the backyard, is a fun way to spend time together. You can decorate the tent with fun lights from home, have a BBQ, roast s’mores, and play card games by the fire. You may even get some rest too. My kids slept until 7:45 the morning we camped out! The next day, go on a scavenger hunt, or family hike if possible. And then, to deepen the experience, tune into a live webcam from one of several National Parks across the country. Watch the Old Faithful erupt at Yellowstone or safely admire the vibrant wildlife at Rocky Mountain National Park all from the comfort of your backyard.

backyard camping

3. Have a Harry Potter Day

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, take this opportunity to binge watch the entire series again. Embrace your inner wizard and dress up as your favorite character and indulge in butter beer. You could also use this time to begin re-reading all of the books.

Vacation at Universal

4. Go to the Beach!

For a beach-themed day, fill up a small inflatable pool with water and sand. Have the kids change into their bathing suits and they’ll be entertained for hours playing ‘pool party’ with their dolls. You could also sip on kid-friendly pina coladas, snack on açaí bowls, and listen to Caribbean beats for the full effect.

playing in the yard

5. Visit the ‘Spa de la casa’

Block off 2-hours for yourself and bring the spa to you. (Be sure to tell everyone else at home too!) Light a fragrant candle, grab a bath bomb, play ‘Dream Time’ on Alexa, and put your aching mind and muscles to ease. Use that time of solitude to also give your nails the attention they’ve been missing too. I don’t know about you, but some quiet time and a fresh coat of toenail polish and I instantly feel refreshed.

spa at home

6. Plan an At-Home Photo-shoot

We’re living in historic times, and what a better way to document it than through pictures. How will you remember this time? For an easy idea, use spring as the theme. We set up an Easter shoot using our play tent, eggs, baskets, stuffed animals, and blankets.

children celebrating Easter

7. Visit the Zoo Virtually

Our trip to the North Carolina zoo for the girls birthday will likely be cancelled, so I was excited to hear that many zoos across the US are offering virtual services and live webcams. The North Carolina zoo is providing a free weekly learning series for kids, as well as live streaming adventures and science experiments, and even animal-themed craft and activity ideas. It’s a fun way to learn about new animals from home even if you can’t be there in real-life.


8. Plan a Retreat

For one day, step back from all the to-do’s and simply relax. During your escape practice yoga, paint rocks, and eat clean foods together. And to really get that deep rest, enjoy a quiet afternoon of breathing, meditation, and napping.

9. Plan a Romantic Evening

Miss a special dinner from a canceled trip? That’s OK. Still have that date! Dream of where your ultimate date would be and bring the tastes and flavors of its culture to your kitchen. Plan a menu based on what it’s best known for, wear something other than yoga pants and a t-shirt, put the kids to bed early, and enjoy a dinner together in peace.

romantic staycation date

So there you have it, my top nine ideas for a unique and easy staycation. I hope you found these ideas fun, practical, and maybe they even inspired a future trip! What unique things are you doing to pass the time while you can’t travel? If you have any ideas not listed above, please share them below!


XO, Steph

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    1. Aww, thank you! This means so much to me! The green coat is Spyder. And yes, absolutely. I’d love to do a guest post. Email for DM me for the details. Good luck on the new site, I can’t wait to see it! 🙂

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