Fearrington Village

24-hours in Fearrington Village: Girls Weekend

Imagine a place where lush rolling hills and wooded acres of farm were transformed into a quaint village resembling that of an ‘old English community.’ A place where people felt comfortable. A place where next level hospitality mets beauty. This place is Fearrington Villagg_ in Pittsboro, NC and it sounded like the perfect spot for our girls weekend getaway! 

Ryan and Rory were traveling back to Maine for Father’s Day so I HAD to plan something fun for us girls to do. I was determined to make girls weekend 2019 go down in history so this dairy farm turned charming community seemed like a good fit. 

We had visited on one other occasion but only for a short time. We had yet to explore the bookstore, restaurants, gardens, or the spa! To say we were happy to spend a little over 24-hours there was an understatement. We were ecstatic! So what does a mom and her daughters do with 24-hours at Fearrington Village? Read on to find out!

Friday Morning

Mclntyre’s bookstore is known as one of ‘The South’s most celebrated bookstores’ – and for good reason. Independent for over 30-years, they offer a wide variety of book selections and host countless events featuring local authors each year. And we were lucky enough to see one, too! Held every Friday at 1045 AM, story time at McIntyre’s is a must! We’ve attended many story times, but hearing local author, Camille Andros read two of her children’s books in front of a packed house was something special.

*pro tip: Arrive early!

reading at mcintyres bookstore fearrington
story time at mcintyres bookstore fearrington

After story time, we enjoyed strolling through the bookstore and spending time in the children’s section – it is SO cute! We managed to escape with a unicorn in a box, a dog named Rosie, and a birthday gift for a school friend. I’d say we were off to a great start! 

Farm animals

Adjacent to the bookstore is the Fearrington farm, the next stop on our adventure. This barnyard features a rare Scottish breed of cow: the black and whited belties. The girls had fun getting an up-close encounter with the goats and waving at the chickens and donkeys from afar! [Fun fact: the donkeys serve to protect the cattle from predators.)


Friday Afternoon

The Spa at Fearrington

Similar to my last post when I asked, ‘what’s a birthday without a spa?’, I found myself wondering ‘what’s a girls weekend without a spa!?’ Although I think the girls are a bit young for facials and massages, we did opt for polish changes.

The Spa at Fearrington is the perfect combination of serenity and style. The girls were treated like little princesses and enjoyed the delicious selection of teas and flavored waters. (The water always tastes better at a spa, amiright?)

Wed & Th 10-SPM, Fri & Sat 10-6 PM, Sun 10-5 PM Call for appointments.


fearrington spa

Afternoon Tea

small cakes and treatsWith their nails freshly manicured it seemed fitting that Afternoon Tea at The Fearrington House Restaurant was next on our itinerary. And this isn’t just any ordinary tea. This is fancy tea! The girls and I indulged in hot and cold teas, sparkling water, classic tea sandwiches, macaroons, tarts, and various other delicious creations. Ouite simply, it was phenomenal. Our favorites: hot cinnamon and the bartenders specialty drink, the Berry Beltie (it will change your life!).

Wed-Sun 2-345 PM and reservations are required.

Now that we were riding serious sugar highs, we were ready to check into our rooms and continue exploring!



The Fearrington Inn is the epitome of southern luxury. And beyond its beauty was the service. I dare say it was the best service I’ve ever received while on a vacation with kids. They offer 32-guests rooms, each featuring beautiful decor, fresh flowers, and garden views. I’m pretty sure the girls and I all squealed when we opened the door. It was incredible!

The large room was a nice surprise and made our stay very comfortable. The separate sitting area was filled with special amenities: chocolate truffles, water, fruit, magazines, a hand­-written note, and various other snacks.

welcome at fearrington inn

The bedroom was spacious with comfortable beds, and the closet was stocked with plush robes. (I haven’t even got to the best part yet!) When we returned from dinner later that evening, we were delighted to see two thick cookies, Port wine, house made chocolates, and cozy slippers waiting at our bedside.


fearrington inn rooms

The Gardens

Although the rooms were quite extravagant and we wanted to  lounge and sample all the tasty treats, we had more exploring to do!

When R.B. Fitch and his wife Jenny purchased the land in 1974, their vision was to create a ‘destination Village surrounded by manicured public gardens and open spaces.’ Over 60 garden beds connected by brick pathways encompass the gorgeous grounds, and there is also an herb garden that is used by the chefs at the Fearrington House Restaurant.

I recommend allowing ample time to meander the gardens and then taking a rest on one of the many Adirondack chairs, basking in the sun and taking in the natural beauty of the landscape.


fearrington inn gardens

Friday Evening


One of my favorite parts about Fearrington Village is that everything is easily accessible. Forget something in your room? Have  a bathroom emergency? No  problemI   Everything in the Village is connected by winding brick paths and only a short walk away. And this includes the shops!

Three boutiques reside at Fearrington: Dove Cote Style, a luxury apparel and accessory boutique filled with carefully selected items from designers around the globe; NEST, an intimate boutique featuring fun and festive home decor, unique gifts, paper goods and more; and the recent addition to the scene, Sprout, a children’s boutique geared toward those aged newborn to 4 years.

child shopping at Fearrington Village

And even if your kids are a bit older, trust me when I say you/they will want EVERYTHING. From unique apparel, books to decor and games, it is all insanely adorable!. Like the other shops, their inventory is always changing and is always a delight.

Open Sunday through Thursday from 10-5 PM and Friday-Saturday 10-6 PM.

shopping in fearrington village boutique

The Belted Goat

Got tiny travelers? The Belted Goat, Fearrington’s casual dining spot, is family- friendly, spacious (with both indoor and patio seating), and its commitment to local, quality ingredients makes it a top choice for families. The girls and I agreed, The Belted Goat receives two thumbs up!

The meals, service, and overall experience was a pleasure. (The mango-orange juice was an unexpected delight, too!) They also offer a wine shop with numerous free tasting events throughout the year, as well as on-site freshly brewed Fearrington house blend coffee.

Daily 8-5 PM; Lunch Daily 11-3 PM; Dinner Tues-Fri 5-8:30 PM

Saturday Morning

Fearrington House Restaurant

When the boys are away, the girls sleep in! And what’s better than a restful night of sleep on vacation? A gourmet breakfast at the Fearrington House Restaurant! Complimentary to guests of the Fearrington Inn, this fine dining experience will knock your socks off.

Our meal started with strawberry smoothie shots, followed by an assortment of freshly baked breads. Fearrington’s service was again exemplified as the chef crafted Adalyn a  ‘circle egg’ per her request. Ambient atmosphere,  friendly waitstaff, satisfying meals, and I’ll say it  again: it was FREE.



fearrington inn breakfast

Wrap Up

The amenities that Fearrington Inn offers are like none I’ve experienced before. Not too mention the breathtaking grounds, accessibility to chic boutiques, a variety of dining options, and farm animals! Fearrington Village really does have it all.

So there you have it, 24-hours at Fearrington Village. Start to finish we had an exceptional visit, and with even more to explore, we didn’t want to leave!

Have you been to Fearrington Village? What was your favorite part?

XO, Steph

Fearrington Village

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