our family

Each and every family has its own set of characteristics, ours is no exception. Grab a coffee and pull up a chair! It's time to meet the family!

A tried and true (Aroostook) County boy at heart. Ryan is a dedicated New England sports fan, LLBean flannel shirt wearing lover of a home-cooked steak and potatoes. And golf. Ryan LOVES golf. If you spend even 10-min with Ryan you’ll likely see him working on his swing with an imaginary club. Ryan also enjoys reading, writing and music. All of which are therapeutic and continue to aid in his road in recovery. A former grocery store manager turned SAHD, Ryan is not only extremely beneficial during fam trips to Costco, but can change a diaper in 10-seconds flat, create a ballet bun for his daughters long locks, and finds gratification in sweeping numerous times per day.

A Physician Assistant by trade, Stephanie is also an exercise fanatic, vegetarian, and a firm believer that yoga pants really are pants. She survives on coffee, 20-min power naps, and more coffee. She is a creature of habit, eating the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day...at the same times. Some may call it strange or boring (like Ryan), but to her it’s called efficiency.

Stephanie LOVES spending time with her family, almost annoyingly so. Everyone always has to be included, whether it be a trip to the park, grocery store, or Costco.

It often takes her 3-days to complete a load of laundry, her kids don’t have freshly pressed clothes, and some days don’t even get dressed, but at the end of the day, they’re happy and healthy and that my friends is a true victory.

Small but mighty, weighing in a 4 lb 15 oz at birth do NOT let her size fool you. Aviana is unapologetically independent, imaginative and a lover of all popsicles. She’s our free-spirited gypsy dancer, award-winning actress, rock climbing extraordinaire and has a contagious energy. She is always up for an athletic challenge and is the first and only Graves child to visit the Emergency Department. There is no shortage of drama, wild-antics or daring acts of bravery with Aviana, however the soft-spot she holds for her Dad keeps her playful innocence intact.

Born approximately 27 seconds after her elder sister, Adalyn is our sweet, sensitive soul. She is kind, and thoughtful in all aspects of life. A lover of dolls, princesses and second mom to her little brother. She’s an aspiring pianist and vocalist and has never met a bowl of pasta she didn’t love. She eats what’s presented to her. Sleeps when asked to (although still in her parents bed), sweeps the floors, folds towels and is ALWAYS the first one buckled in the van. If Adalyn were an only child. Life would be seamless.

When you first meet Rory you’d never know that he cried every waking second for the first 6-months of life, unless of course his mom was holding him. He LOVES his mom. Rory's smile lights up a room. He is full of life and pure happiness as seen through his beautiful blue eyes. Rory is a thrill-seeker, always on-the-move and seeking the most dangerous item, or feat in the room. Fearless and fast, without question he is the world record-holder in the 20m wobbly-legged sprint. FOMO is real for Rory. He adores his older sisters and always wants to be a part of the action, whether they welcome it or not. And food. Rory can eat his body weight in watermelon. He LOVES watermelon. Life with Rory is messy and BUSY, but he undoubtedly completes the fab five.