about us

Destination Graves was inspired by Stephanie and Ryan’s deep-rooted love of travel and adventure. They were both born and raised in rural northern Maine where the winters were painfully long and the nearest Starbucks was 2 ½ hours away. So, in order to keep their sanity, they traveled. They traveled A LOT.


And then came the kids. Two at once! Followed by a son 3-years later. For Stephanie and Ryan, starting a family was something they had always desperately craved; so upon being blessed with three beautiful children they were committed to exploring the world as family of five and showing their children the best that life could offer. It hasn’t always been easy. In fact, it’s been hard. REAL hard. Particularly, with the recent move from Maine to North Carolina. They sacrificed the help of grandparents (both sets!), aunts, uncles, cousins, you name it. But through these challenging times, something wonderful happened. Moving and being on their own, it has brought them closer than ever. They only had each other, so matter what they were doing or where they were going, they were ALWAYS together. And they’re always BETTER together. 

Over the past 11-months, they have made the most incredible memories exploring the unique opportunities this area has to offer. These family adventures have taught them that true joy and happiness are found by surrounding yourself with those you love, exploring the beauty of the world, taking risks, and making memories that will last a lifetime.


They have no idea where this journey will take them or what opportunities might lie ahead, but they’re confident that this is what they’re called to do. And this is where they’re supposed to be.


Their mission is to help the everyday family fulfill a life of adventure (big or small!). To inspire those who are nervous to embark with children in tow. To share tips  and tricks they’ve learned along the way. And to show you that it is possible (and FUN!), giving you the tools to make your travel as seamless as possible.

Stephanie and Ryan are SO excited to share their real life stories of their new home in the south; what the region has to offer, what’s helped them survive along the way, and what’s helped them in finding joy, and making everyday with kids a vacation.