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eating after 7 PM

Is Eating After 7 PM Bad for You?

If you’re looking to increase your energy, stabilize blood sugars, and have a healthier sleep routine without starving yourself at bedtime, I have good news for you. Eating after 7PM is OK!



Ever wish you could land that dream collaboration, even though you don’t have a large following? Now you can (and get paid!) with my How to Land and Rock a Press Trip e-course. 

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beach with kids

Visiting the Beach with Kids: 17 Safety Tips

Visiting the beach with kids this summer? From the best beaches to social distance to beach safety 101, I’m covering it all. Follow these 17 safety tips to ensure a fun and stress-free beach vacation.

children's hikes

Hiking with Kids and Safety: 15 Essential Tips

Everybody at some point in their lives must have experienced hiking in nature. Especially hikes with kids or a trek through a stunning mountain range or a dense forest makes a memorable experience to cherish for a lifetime.


Hi! I’m Stephanie and both my husband, Ryan and I are Maine natives who left stable jobs and ample family support to follow our hearts, chase our dreams, and start a new life in the south. All five members of our family are passionate about luxury travel, togetherness, and dreaming big. We hope to inspire you to do the same!